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The Ruin Where I Sleep

I’m hiding at the edge of a copse of trees, behind one of the thick trunks, watching a monster stalk the grounds of a ruin. It stops to sniff the air occasionally; I know I’m too far away for it to smell me, but I daren’t move just in case. 

I’m waiting for my moment, and it’s not yet.

    I don’t know if it guards the ruin, or is responsible for making it. It’s alone, though I’m on my guard in case there is more; monsters are crafty. I don’t know exactly what the ruin once was, but it’s huge like a cathedral. Some parts of it’s walls have fallen away completely, the roof in places have caved in, and the tower that stands at it’s end is vacant. That’s my destination.

    I’m facing the western side of the destroyed structure, and I watch the monster skulk around the corner to what I know is the large oak-door entrance. 

    Now is my opportunity. 

    I (silently) make a dash from the trees and keep low on the grass. I hop over the stone balustrade and make for a rusty metal ladder on the side of the building. I have to be quick; I know the monster will be back soon.

    I find the tall ladder - it’s a miracle it’s still in one piece - and I begin my ascent, making sure I don’t pound my feet against the metal. I feel like a acrobat climbing up to perform some aerial feats, but there’s no time to think about such things really. I must make haste, I think to myself. 

    Thankfully, I reach the top and disappear over the edge of the roof just as out of the corner of my eye I see the long shadow of the monster arriving around the back of the ruin, making it’s way to where I once stood moments before.

    I slink back to the tiles of the roof and keep out of sight as I nimbly make my way up to the roof’s top before it slopes to the other side; I suppose it might be the ruin’s spine. 

    This is the tricky part. Crawling on all fours so to help keep my balance, I eek my way towards the tower at the end. I try not to disrupt the remaining tiles, and certainly take extra care near the enormous holes where I would certainly meet my doom below if I fell.

    Carefully, carefully, carefully does it, I say making slow but steady progress. The days are long and the light lasts a long time right now, but I know it’s late and the Sun tinges the green with gold. 

    I can hear the monster below snort and grunt to itself. If only it knew. If only. 

    I eventually reach the tower. Much like the lower part of the building, the wall on one side has crumbled away and the glass has been smashed but the rest of it still stands firm. Defiant almost; like the ruin is saying ‘I am immovable, and can withstand your attacks’. 

    Carefully, I reach a hand up and place it on the floor of the tower (it’s a bit of a hoist from the roof, see). I learned quickly to not overthink this part, just climb in. 

    In I go, landing on the floor of a modest tower and breathe a sigh of relief; I am here. 

    It’s not perfect, but it is perfect. There’s nothing here, just broken bits of rubble. But the view - the view! I can see for miles, and miles, and miles. And it all looks so perfect in the light of the soon-to-be tangerine glow of the setting Sun. Trees tussle in a late evening wind and birds sing the day to a close. 

    I have my favourite spot, and I lay down comfortably. 

    No one knows I’m here. Not even the monster way down below that continues to graze the grounds. It either hasn’t seen the ladder, doesn’t care about it or can’t use it. I’m safe. 

    A welcome breeze rolls in, and I peek at the sky through the broken glass. To the hazy mountains in the very far distance. Everything is quiet. 

    And, knowing this, tucked up in my little haven, my sanctuary, my hideaway; I drift soundly…and wordlessly…to sleep.

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