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"Such a mellow sound from Timothy" - Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing

Sunset in the Forest

Timothy is an accomplished singer-songwriter and has created many songs over the years, usually inspired by nature and dreams.


Inspired by a variety of artists such as Enya, Chris Cornell, Clannad, Jerry Cantrell and Billy Joel to name a select few, Timothy has created a unique sound favouring lush vocals, catchy acoustic melodies and ambient harmonies.

Timothy has had his songs played on many different radio stations over the years; BBC Introducing, Moorlands Radio, PCRFM, Stafford FM and many more.

See the 'Music' page to hear his catalogue.


"A breath of fresh air, harmonies uplifting and giving you a reason to smile; a must-listen" - Eric Furze, Stafford FM

"Clearly, on the basis of the compassionately deep lyricism, the up-and-coming artist is leading by example in terms of self-awareness." - Amelia Vandergast, ANR Factory

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